Full visibility to inventory activities

Stop profit profit margin killers like inventory losses, damages and returns

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Tracks inventory from Amazon receipt to customer sale

Inventory status at all times - reserved, unfulfilled, stranded, available...

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Reconciles customer refunds to find money owed to you

Maximize your profit per SKU per unit

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Features & Benefits

Stop wasting your time and money looking for inventory.

track from shipment to sale

Ensures all inventory shipped is received at Amazon - per SKU - and added to available inventory.

Inventory Status

Full visibility at Amazon's fulfillment center to transfers, reserved, unfulfillable, stranded and more - at all times.

Automatic inventory reconciliation

Automatically reconciles inventory to look for money owed for damages, losses, customer returns and more.

Easy Profit & Loss analysis

Quick dashboard analytics per SKU profit margin dollar and percentage.

Blog Posts & News

Inventory management and profit maximization trends & discussions

Inventory – Lost, Damaged & Errors at Amazon Receipt

If a business operates on a 10 percent profit margin, they need to generate an extra 10% in sales to make up for each 1% lost inventory.  The first two lost inventory risks are:   Buy invento[...]

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Inventory Loss – When?! How!?

In the last post, we discussed that if a business operates on a 10 percent profit margin, they need to generate an additional 10% in sales to make up for each 1% loss of inventory.  Inventory loss is[...]

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How Inventory Losses Decrease Your Profit Margin by 10%

Inventory loss is silently killing your profit margins because you don’t even know it’s happening.  You don’t know how much it’s eating away at your profit margins either and[...]

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